As this project was created as a blogging circle, I want to start off by introducing the next talented lady. Jenny from Essentially Made posted about her day, check it out, it's stunning. It has been so wonderful to follow all of these amazing artists from all over the world. I find it super interesting to see how different each day is, for each person, but how beautiful they all are.

Sneaking in March just under the wire. This month has been CRAZY! I planned this particular Saturday to shoot, as all of us would be home and had no big plans. Well Matt got called away to work a few days early and had to rush off, but March was almost over so I had to shoot.  Matt has been working away a lot, and I've either been waiting on babies, or documenting their arrival. I will say, single parenting and the on call life, do not mix so well. Thankfully I have an amazing mother in law who is available to help at the drop of a hat.

This Saturday started like all others, kids up at the crack of dawn. After getting them settled with a snack and a show, I nestled back into bed for a few more moments of precious sleep. Soon enough we were startled awake with excited cries from Presley "Mom!!!!! Dad!!!!!!!!" That tooth he had been wiggling for days on end, finally came out. My boy lost his first tooth. My first born, my tiny 6 lb 11oz little bundle lost a tooth. Where did the time go?

Now that we were up it was time for sneaking chocolate penguin cookies and playing games. We let Daddy sleep in a bit before he was off for another week. Once he woke there was time for a quick tea party and some silly time with his Lennon.

With spring in the air, and sunny mornings, we have been feeling revived. We shake off our winter hibernation and heavy clothing and trade it for rubber boots and muddy buddies. Our bikes, roller blades and baby strollers have been out in full force. The kids enjoy spending time outside so much, and I'm super thankful for that. Back in November, Presley was starting to show signs of disinterest, not only in outdoor activities, but in everything he used to love. That was when we made the fast and hard decision to completely remove the Ipad from our home. It was the best decision we have ever made. Not only did he rekindle his love for outside and taekwondo, but his attitude improved greatly. As we play in our quiet bay, Dad is inside packing his clothes and preparing for being away. We come inside for hugs and wave Dad off at the windows. There we no tears, I'm thankful. Before I know it, Presley has noticed the boys down the street are out playing hockey, and in a blink, he is out the door with his stick in his hand.

With her brother gone, we have a lovely, quiet play, with no fighting or distraction. There was coloring and lego table fort building. Soon enough my tiny one tired of these activities and wanted back outside, so we hopped on our bike and headed down to watch her big brother play hockey and collect him for our regular Saturday lunch of Kraft Dinner.

Both littles where exhausted from activity and ate slowly and quietly. Lennon snuggled up in a sunbeam flipping through her photo album pointing out pictures of her Papa. After I finished cleaning the kitchen I snuggled my sleepy girl down for a nap, then settled in beside my boy for a couch nap myself. In what felt like a moment, it was time to get up and back to action. Snacks and shows were had, complete with yet another of Lennon's costumes. I often have a bag of tricks to amuse us while Dad is away. I had these wooden letters set aside to make signs for the kids doors, today was the perfect day to paint them.

This next series is one that warms my heart to it's depths. It shows a side of Presley that I adore, one I hope he never loses. Even though I warned Lennon that once she mixed her paints, she would not be able to un-mix them, she had to try it out for herself anyway. Once they were all mixed and she discovered while trying to make a rainbow, that she now only had one color, she burst into tears. This girl of mine is pretty dramatic, so her loud and heartbreaking cries were quickly heard by her brother who was in the other room cleaning his brushes. He came running in response to her cries. I listened to him explain to her then when she felt sad, she needed to tell someone why, so they could help her. He explained that sharing your feelings was important. After a quick embrace, he promptly got her new paint, and she happily continued her rainbow, on her hand. Now happy and covered in paint, my babies needed a bath. My sweet boy continues to keep his sister giggling, by diving for shopkins. 

After everyone was clean, happy and fed, it was time to get crazy and play. We blasted the music and started with some couch jumping. We are big fans of crazy free play in our home, it always lifts our spirits. After a quick pause to clean up supper and load the dishwasher, it was time for a dance party. I very quickly realized how difficult it is to photograph while dancing, but I managed a few shots, one handed. Presley was helpful and snapped a quick one of me and his sister. As crazy play does, it ended when someone was crying. It was time to settle down for the night. 

While Matt is away, my boy takes very seriously his role as the man of the house. He reads to his sister and tucks her into bed, he rubs her back and sings her off to dreamland. He's rewarded with chips. He is pretty excited to go to bed himself this evening and place that tooth under his batman pillow. I flop on the couch, exhausted and full of relief. I am also full of joy and admiration for my children. They know how to express their feelings, they care deeply for one another, and they know how to have fun. I can't help but think, despite the things I may do wrong, there is a great many of things I've done right.