In a style true to myself, I left this months day in the life project to the very end. Last month I had no time to think about it, and had no idea how difficult it would be. This month I knew better. My husband had just returned home from a week away and I knew this day would be a great opportunity. We planned a family day to head into Winnipeg and attend the Festival De Voyager. Since having children, my husband and I have always split the weekend days for sleeping in. He takes Saturday and I take Sunday. This Saturday was no different.

It is getting lighter quicker in the mornings, and lasting longer in the evenings. This is good for my soul. We all have cabin fever and the extra light makes me feel like we are all coming out of hibernation. My babies are like me in the morning, they wake up slow, we need time (and coffee) before conversation. They always watch TV and play lego and play dough upon waking. I'm happy they amuse themselves quietly (mostly) while I drink my coffee and blink my eyes open.

Eventually the quiet play turns into crazy play. There are giggles and screams. They run around and wrestle. Of corse there are about 3 breakfasts and 6 snacks in this time. Crazy active kiddos means crazy hungry kiddos. They're starting to become independent and help themselves to food and drink, this often times means climbing on counters. I'm ok with this. With all the noise soon enough Dad wakes up and I sneak away for a fresh 48 photoshoot before we head off to the city.

I must admit I'm neither a fan of large crowds or outdoor winter activities. As we drove up to the festival site and saw the parking situation (there was none), I realized I had no idea what we were in for. At first I was super overwhelmed by the people and of course the kids were hungry again. Matt took one to get food and myself and Lennon retreated into a quiet tent where we too found food. Before we knew it we were having fun and enjoying things I thought I wouldn't. Life is funny like that sometimes, it was an important lesson of trying things before judging them.

After sleigh rides, bouncy castles, and yes, more food, Lennon and I found yet another tent with music and other children. Lennon makes friends fast and before I knew it she had friends burying her in wood chips, playing the chase me game, and dancing. Presley and Dad found hockey and explored the festival grounds. Eventually the boys came to warm up and the parents switched. I took Presley through the cabins where actors played out scenes from a long time ago and educated the crowds. It was super interesting and he soaked it all up. Soon enough it was time to trek back to the car and go home. Lennon and her friends had long embraces and a few tears while saying goodbye, then we were off!

I learned something new about my camera equipment as it tried to warm up to our cars temperature. It doesn't work so well during this period. But this project isn't just about technicality, it's about memories, so an out of focus giggle picture will work jut fine. We drank milkshakes all the way home as we all thawed out and the littles eyes became heavy. As soon as we got home it was quick bedtime prep and prayers with Dad.

This month was no easier then last month, it's impossible to tell the full story of the day while being a responsible parent. Moments get missed while wiping away tears and dealing with tantrums. But that's ok, this will help me improve. At least thats what I'm telling myself.

This month I get to introduce you to the very talented Alicia! Not only am I a big fan, but she is the reason I'm doing this project. She saw that I needed pushing, even when I didn't. She sees in my work things that I don't, she is my cheerleader. Check out her February post here.