As you all likely know, my favorite things to capture are everyday moments. Moments that make up a larger story. Many of you have trusted me to do exactly this with your family's moments. I've captured your birth, your family gatherings and your day to day moments. I attempted to do so with my own moments daily, my 366 project, and I failed. Life is busy, I find it so difficult to pick up my camera, it never feels like there is enough time.

When a fellow Manitoba birth photographer Alicia, challenged me to shoot my own family more, I accepted. She herself had accepted the same challenge. A talented photographer, Victoria Anne, created a group to inspire other photographers. The goal is to capture "a day in the life" with your own family, once a month, for a year. Not only will I have some wonderful memories captured, but the hope is that I will have grown as a photographer, gotten to know my camera better, my light better and simply shoot more.

When I accepted, I had no idea how difficult this would be. Generally when I'm behind the lens, that is my only job. I get to dedicate all of my focus to being creative, finding my angles and light and not being distracted. Well when shooting my own family, this was so not the case!! I still had to parent, be a wife, drive and wear all of the many hats us parents wear. It was only days before shooting that I took on this monumental task, so I didn't have much time to think about it, which was likely good. I didn't even think I would be able to fit January in, but I did. I learned so much in that one day. I saw my strengths and weaknesses. I know where I need to improve and now I can work in that so I can be better in capturing your family.

Our mornings tend to start pretty early, as our babies are early risers. This particular morning, Mom and Dad slept in while the kids had breakfast and played, the sleep was wonderful! Of course it didn't last long before I had to get up to break up a fight. Once I was up, with coffee in hand, I decided to grab my camera and make today the day. I find our weeks so full of school, daycare and evening activities, that we often use the weekends to stay around home and just play, and that is where we start........

Lego and play dough can amuse this family forever, so this was what they did. They created while I enjoyed my creamy coffee. We are all about imaginative play and mess making, I mean, who isn't?

While shooting this day, I realized how much our dog Charlotte is there. Always by my kids sides, always part of the family. We are so lucky to have her! Once they tired of mess making, little Lennon was very stuck on having her face painted, but we couldn't fine the face paint. Dad is the finder of lost things in our house so it was time for him to get up!

Once the paints were found her face was promptly painted, exactly to her specifications. While Dad was looking for the paints, he decided our cupboards were a mess (they truly are, it's a weakness of mine), he took it upon himself to clean some of them, of course the kids "helped". There was a lot of pot banging, but the job got done.

After some of the work was done it was time for a pre lunch dance party, Lennons favorite. Fun was had and so was lunch, in true Saturday fashion, lunch in front of the TV.

As it often does, crazy play turns into tears. Baths always calm hearts in our home. Presley hopped in the tub and Lennon decided it was time for a "swim". Naturally, swimming makes you tired and hungry, so we needed snacks and Daddy cuddles. After a rest break, it was decided that of course, a life jacket was needed for swimming. This girl of mine is not short on imagination.

A quick game of "smell my feet" was followed by hide and seek. It was time for a nap, thank goodness. Lennon required her regular routine of essential oil application (on her nipples of course???), a book and cuddles.

Dad caught a bit of shut eye too. Before we knew it she was up and they were back to their antics, so it was time to get out of the house. We invited our selves to a friends house and sent Dad grocery shopping. It's always a blessing to have other kids around to play with, and provides me with a much needed reprive.

As soon as we got there the littles disappeared. The adults cleaned and laughed. Soon enough the kids emerged and were booted outside where they played for a long time. Lennon stayed with Momma and amused herself, she even helped my get into a shot. The kids came back in all rosey cheeked and ready for a movie and popcorn. Once rested the crazy ones engaged in a gun battle with Dad when he came back.

Soon enough it was time to head out, so we left with other friends and headed to their home for supper. The girls played nicely, the boys chased them. We ate, we played, we laughed.

Tempers got short, and when it was suggested we needed an exorcist for Lennon, we knew it was time to go. Once home it was a quick snack before bed. The babies and their dad excitedly took in some of the NHL skills competition before we tucked them in. Presley snuck in some last minute puppy cuddles before we headed to dream land. Everyone slept hard, I was exausted.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny peek into our everyday lives. I'm really excited to try this again in February, with all of this new knowledge I have. As this is a blog circle I highly suggest you check out the next wonderful artist, Jenny from Essentially Made Video and Photography , I really enjoyed her post and know you will too!