Choose love. Choose love.
Without this beautiful love,
life is nothing but a burden.

I've had the pleasure of knowing these two lovebirds for a while now. I grew close to Miss I. over our mutual love for photography, we were fast friends. She introduced me to Miss R. when they let me crash at their place when I needed a bed. They're so easy to be with. Honest, joyful, REAL. Our very first night together was full of so much laughter my face hurt when I left.

So naturally when Miss I. asked me to capture some couples moments for them, I jumped at the chance. Tea in bed, snuggles on the couch and cooking up some awesomeness in the kitchen were on the agenda. I love it when I'm shooting couples and they are able to really connect and act is if I'm not even there. I also got to enjoy their cooking and company, it was divine!

Ladies I want you to know that have have grown to love you both deeply. The kind way you speak to one another, your openness, your sappiness and really everything about you, makes you joyful to be around. I am grateful for your friendship, and so happy you found each other.