Just as I am amazed by how quickly my own babies have grown, I always feel shocked to see how quickly my birth photography babies have grown. Once a family invites me into their birthing space and allows me to document those moments, our relationship is forever changed. I have an attachment to them and their babes that will last a lifetime.

In May, I was blessed and honoured to be with the T family as they welcomed their first child, a beautiful little princess, into this world. The day was so beautiful, their love for one another was so apparent. Him supporting every moment, every decision with an unwavering confidence. I love what birth brings out it couples, it is beauty and love in the most truest of forms. This birth was not only amazing, but emotional. Dad's own mother was present (see that image here or watch the video slideshow here) and the tears flowed freely, including mine. Let me jog your memory............

So naturally, when this lovely family asked me to capture their family again for baby girls six month milestone, the answer was easy. We were blessed with a beautiful and uncharacteristically warm November day. The sun was shining and people were out smiling and enjoying it's warmth.  On this day, their deep love for each other was equally apparent as the day of the birth. Loving and snuggling on their precious baby girl. I snuck in some precious cuddles too! Thank you T family for letting me ride along on this beautiful journey with you, I wouldn't have it any other way. Now sit back and soak up all this sunshine, fall warmth and the most adorable family ever.