As a mother, I know so well the urge to "just do it yourself". Sometimes those tiny hands seem less then helpful. It can be so easy to rush from one task to another in an attempt to finish the never ending to do list. But sometimes, we remember to slow down, we remember to include, we remember that these are the memories that will be written in their childhood forever. These are the moments that your babies will pass down to their babies.

I'm so grateful to be able to capture these precious moments. The moments where Mom says "yes" and these moments where Mom gets to be in the shot too.

Those tiny messy, helping fingers. Able to play, able to explore (maybe some places you would prefer they wouldn't). I'm so glad this Momma knows, that what is important to herself, is important to her tiny girl as well.

So please Momma, as you rush through your day, remember that as hard as she's trying to be a grown up like you, it's even more important for you to try to be a kid, just like her.

I can say from experience, that the final product of this session, was very delicious! 

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