Sometimes, when you meet someone, you feel the connection immediately, sometimes that requires time and similar interest and common struggles. When I became pregnant with my second, I joined an online group filled with other women who were also expecting babies in July of 2013. As the weeks of our pregnancies passed and our babies came earth side, our connections grew. Through sharing stories of morning sickness, our labours and sleepless nights we found strength in our group. We carried, birthed and raised our babies together, as a village.

I haven't had the opportunity to meet many of these women in the flesh, until recently. Last month I hopped on a plane, which is HUGE for me, as the last and only other time I've been in the sky, it took waaaay more Ativan then a woman of my stature should need. I flew into Vancouver and was received by a woman I had never met, but I know her Momma soul. I won't forget the moment I saw her at the airport, baby strapped to her chest. We ran into each others arms and bawled. She welcomed me into her home with love. It immediately felt like it was my home.

I felt like we had been friends forever. She's been my BPBFF (birth photographer best friend forever) since we both began our careers capturing birth stories. We love many of the same things, we struggle with similar anxieties and worries. We sat together, we drank tea and wine and talked for hours. There was loving kindness meditations, essential oils and deep breaths. There were nap time drives , nursing breaks and bath time. There was so much comfort and love.

We were able to connect with a small group of other ladies and their 2013 babies as well. There were these beautiful, make up free faces, yoga pants and pony tails. These are my people! Food and wine and playing imaginary games. Messy floors and messy faces. It was so inspiring to finally touch and smell the women who offered me daily encouragement. The woman who essentially booked my flight and walked me through every step. The woman who I assume is the hippest hipster in the world, also one of the strongest women in the world. She fights many battles, her own mental health, her sweet boy's medical condition and all the other stuff all of us moms face. She advocates and fights with such grace and fierceness. I adore her and all of the women I met and have not met in this village.

Oh and these babies, these sweet, sweet babies. I loved each of them. We played, we laughed, we imagined and we created. I have many more friends in my getting to know their tiny souls.

Thank you ladies for being one of my many supports, thank you for walking this strenuous path alongside me. I can't wait to embrace you again.