Birth Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a photographer to document your birth, is not a task that should be taken lightly. It's a large investment, capturing some very intimate moments, that can't be redone. It is only normal to have many questions for your prospective birth photographer, these are some of the most common.

Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth is unpredictable, it is raw and real. The birth of a child creates families. Birth is BEAUTIFUL!

Hiring a photographer to document this day records many loving and magical moments between partners and families. Memories and moments can get lost in the emotional haze of labour, photography will make sure those moments are documented to share for a lifetime. When you hire a photographer, your partners focus and hands are free to support you and be fully present in the moment.

What will your role be at my birth as a photographer?

As a photographer I attend births as a silent fly on the wall. My goal is to honestly capture moments as they happen. I will honour and hold space, without interfering or directing.

I am educated in and respect your hospitals and birth centres policies and have formed positive working relationships with other birth professionals. I come to your birth fully self sufficient, fresh and prepared. I show up with everything I may need.

What types of birth do you document?

All births are amazing and miraculous. I work in your choice of birth setting, including hospital, home, birth centres or wherever you may choose. In the case of c section, I may or may not be allowed into the operating room, this depends on the facility and staff. If your surgery is planned, this may be something to discuss and pre arrange with your care giver. My goal is to capture relationships, support, moments and details that make your birth story unique and special. This often includes the moment of birth, but there is so much more to the story. I have captured many c sections where I have not been on the OR, and those stories are complete and beautiful, you can see one here.

Why should we choose you?

Choosing your photographer is a big decision! This day will be filled with emotion and vulnerability. Inviting me into this space is an act of immeasurable trust, I do not take this lightly.

I am a mother of two. My first was birthed by c section and my second was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian). We had both of our births documented and I know what a gift it was to be truly present for that time.

I have experience photographing and supporting mothers and their families in a wide array of settings and circumstances. I am quiet, calm and by nature a caregiver. I will honour you experience and organically document it through birth photography.

I am a trained and experienced birth doula, because of this I understand and respect the physiological process of birth. I took my training in 2010 through my massage therapy association and am well educated in hands on comfort and pain management techniques. I have good understanding of the idea of holding space, and being with.

I specialize in birth photography, it is the main focus of my work, it is my passion. I use top of the line equipment, and I have the knowledge and experience to use it. I'm comfortable photographing in many different lighting situations, this includes difficult low light.

I am involved in our local birthing community and have built trusting relationships with our birth professionals and caregivers. I am well versed and respect our hospitals policies. I am a member of both the Canadian Birth Photographers and International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

How do we know that birth photography and you are a right fit for us?

I urge you to look through my portfolio to see if my style is what you are looking for. We will have at least one in person meeting prior to you deciding to hire me. During this time we will get to know each other and you can ask as many questions as you like. I will have some standard questions of my own. If you choose to go on to hire me, we will have the opportunity to work together prior to your birth. All my birth packages come with a free maternity session so we get this chance to know each other even better.

This is a large investment!

Yes it is! There are payment plans available (to be paid in full by 37 weeks) as well as a gift registry where friends and family can contribute to your birth documentation.

You will be investing knowing that I will be available, no matter when you baby arrives, no matter if it takes 2 hours, or 32. You are investing so that you can relax and enjoy, knowing I have you covered. Your partners hands and attention are free to fully support you.

My equipment is top of the line and in I have backup equipment. I triple store your images for safety and assurance. I will spend hours hand editing each of you final images.

What if our situation/birth plans change? What if there is an emergency?

Birth is unpredictable and can change at any moment. Things don't always go as we hope or plan, this is something I understand from both my experience and my training. The priority is always the health and safety of you and your baby. I will make decisions on continuing to photograph based on my training, hospital policy, caregivers request and your direction. I adapt to change well, and keep a clear head. You are welcome to ask me to leave the room at any time and I will remain available for the duration of your birth.

I do not want my images shared online or made public at all.

Many families do not wan their images shared publicly, this is 100% fine. While I appreciate families who choose to share their experience to help build my portfolio and show the world how beautiful birth is, it is NOT a requirement. Images will not be shared without your written consent and you viewing the images first.

I'm worried that me and or my partner may feel uncomfortable with a stranger in the room. What if I make noises, scream, cry or swear?

By the time your baby is ready to make an appearance, we will no longer be strangers. We will have had at minimum, one in person meeting and have worked together during your free maternity session. 

I have attended many births and have been there twice myself. There are many different variations of "normal" when it comes to birthing. Groans, screams, silence, nudity, modesty and vomiting are all normal experiences during birth. I am experienced, respectful and comfortable with any or all of the above.

I have more questions.

Not a problem! Send me a message or give me a call, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.